Resources for teachers


Nuclear disarmament Education

The Critical Issues Forum at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies:

Stanford University Nuke101 Course by The William J. Perry Project:

The Nuclear Threat Initiative:

The PEAC Institute:

Hibakusha Stories:

Outrider: Nuclear Weapons:

Alaska Specific Resources

O’Neill, D., 1994. The Firecracker Boys: H-Bombs, Inupiat Eskimos, and the Roots of the Environmental Movement. Basic Books.

Kohlhoff, D.W., 2011. Amchitka and the bomb: Nuclear testing in Alaska. University of Washington Press.

Chance, N., 2009. Project Chariot: The Nuclear Legacy of Cape Thompson, Alaska. University of Connecticut, Arctic Circle. Available Online:

Character Based Literacy: Alaskan History (Week 10, Days 36-39). Santa Clara University. Available Online: