Workshops & Instructors

Photography, Story Telling, & Social Media

Instructor: Pasqual Gorriz Marcos  (United Nations)

Instructor: Pasqual Gorriz Marcos (United Nations)

About the Workshop

Students in this track will be introduced to the principles of photo composition and will practice using different equipment (from DSLRs to smartphones) to create visually compelling stories. Students will produce photo essays, and use social media tools, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as mediums for visual story-telling and advocacy. They will study and explore the history of visual images in the atomic age, and the powerful role of photography in social movements.

About the instructor

Pasqual Marcos is a photographer and activist hailing from Catalonia, Spain. He studied history and politics at the University of Barcelona, before moving to the US to study photography at the International School of Photography in New York. He has worked as a photojournalist for the Associated Press in Mexico and Israel, and since 2008, Pasqual has worked as a photographer for the UN Mission in Southern Lebanon. His professional experience has involved documenting funeral and wedding rituals of indigenous Mayan villages in Southern Mexico, violent conflicts in Palestinian and South Lebanon, as well as natural beauty and landscapes around the world. He has 10 years of experience teaching photography workshops for the Open Society Institute, the International Debate Education Association, and the United Nations. He has taught classes to beginner, as well as experienced photographers, in a variety of settings, including in Bahrain, Italy, Turkey, and New York.

Digital Mobilization & Civic Organizing

Instructor: Colleen Moore  (Beyond the Bomb)

Instructor: Colleen Moore (Beyond the Bomb)

About the Workshop

Students in this track will learn how to build an effective campaign or grow a movement using a variety of online tools and social media platforms, and examine the digital campaigns of other nuclear disarmament and peace organizations. On the final day of the Congress, students will launch a digital campaign that they developed over the course of the workshop. 

About the Instructor

Colleen Moore is the Digital Engagement Manager for Beyond the Bomb and Global Zero, creating content to promote the message of eliminating nuclear weapons. Colleen has experience in campaigning for justice and peace issues, including ending U.S. support for the war in Yemen, promoting human rights and justice in Indonesia and East Timor, working for a peace treaty between North and South Korea, and ending the occupation of Palestine. Above all, she has a passion for using digital mediums to advance causes of human rights and justice. Colleen received her Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Relations and Political Science from Hobart and William Smith Colleges and a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from American University's School of International Service. She previously held roles at Win Without War, Seeds of Peace, East Timor and Indonesia Action Network, and Peace Action New York State. You can follow her on Twitter at @cmoo11_.

Social Change through non-fiction film making

Instructor: Taylor Dunne  (The New School)

Instructor: Taylor Dunne (The New School)

About the Workshop

This course empowers students with the basic skills to create compelling social justice documentaries. Students research, produce and archive primary source documentation through first person interviews. The course emphasizes multimedia interdisciplinary studies with student led research, community-based service and experiential learning.

About the Instructors

Taylor Dunne is a filmmaker, curator and university lecturer based in Colorado’s San Luis Valley and the Catskill Mountains of New York State. She has an affinity for amateur film, the personal archive and the history of the cinematic apparatus. Her work strives to make visible underrepresented histories and to inspire citizens to participate in shaping future trends in cultural representation. Eric Stewart is an interdisciplinary multimedia artist and educator. Working predominantly with 16mm film, his artistic practice invokes photochemical and darkroom processes to investigate landscape, place and cultural identity in the American West. He is currently Assistant Professor in Photography at Adams State University in the beautiful San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado. Together, Taylor & Eric are currently producing the feature length documentary Off-Country ( about the impact of nuclear testing on down-winder communities in the Southwestern United States.