Our goal is to empower Alaskan high school students to assume leadership roles in creating an enduring statewide movement that can bring Alaska specific concerns and insights into the ongoing efforts of national and international organizations dedicated to the global elimination of nuclear weapons.

During a week long symposium held in Southeast, Alaska during the spring of 2020, high school participants will be:

1. Equipped with a basic understanding of:

  • The destructive power of nuclear weapons

  • The world’s nuclear weapons arsenals and infrastructure

  • The risks accidental detonation

  • The risks of proliferation and acquisition by non-state entities

  • The nature and cost of weapons modernization programs

  • Evolving global policies restraining or encouraging developments and use of nuclear weapons

  • Prevailing arguments and disincentives to disarmament of nuclear armed states

2. Motivating participants to become an Alaska voice, in concert with national and international movement for the global elimination of nuclear weapons, by providing:

  • Opportunities to collaborate and network with experts, non-governmental ambassadors and young activists presently engaged with national and international organizations committed to the elimination of nuclear weapons

  • Workshops offering introductory and practical skills in communication, active listening, and diplomacy, community organizing through public speaking, journalism and social media, and alternative forms of advocacy involving the arts

green peace.jpg

Alaska’s Nuclear Legacy

In 1971, the Don’t Make a Wave (DMAW) campaign launched a direct action to protest the nuclear testing on Amchitka Island in Alaska. They would sail from Vancouver Island, BC to the Aleutians on a boat they named “Greenpeace”. Later, DMAW would adopt Green Peace as their official name.